Our Vision

When diverse leaders are at the advocacy table, we all benefit.


The Global Organization for Applied-Political Leadership (G.O.A.L) is the first and foremost training incubator for diverse political talent in applied politics, communication, and advocacy. We envision a world where global and domestic advocacy leaders represent the diversity of a globalized society, not limited to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or creed. G.O.A.L will cultivate a robust talent pipeline of underrepresented leaders who will revolutionize how government serves communities though professional development, executive education, and networking.

The Approach:

G.O.A.L’s training programs provide diverse leaders from lower socioeconomic backgrounds with the best practices, lessons learned, and strategies for success necessary to develop their capacity to become a robust civic advocate. The Diversity in Advocacy Training is aimed at engaged citizens of color, who are currently underrepresented and undervalued in politics.

Jonathan McGee
Founder and CEO

Leadership comes in all packages, therefore everyone should have a seat at the table”
— Jonathan McGee, Founder and CEO